From the terrace of Villa Smeralda you can admire the splendid Isola della Tavolara, an authentic environmental paradise located in the gulf of Olbia and part of the " Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara Coda Cavallo " (one of the 7 protected marine areas of Sardinia). Within this evocative setting, the Tavolara Film Festival takes place at the beginning of each summer, with the best of Italian cinema as its protagonist.

Reaching the island is easy: you can rent a boat, to make the "crossing" alone, or rely on the many ferries available, which take only 20 minutes. There are also numerous excursions organized on the island, to visit the most hidden beaches and to take a relaxing bath in crystal clear waters . The most adventurous can reach - in the company of a specialized guide - the peak of the island, Punta Cannone , at 565 meters above sea level, between paths and via ferrata.
Let's not forget that the backdrops of the island of Tavolara are among the most famous in the world both for the quantity of fish and for the presence of wrecks, as well as for the possibility of reaching sites like Punta Filasca, Frana dei mufloni and Cala Corsi. a true paradise for divers.


The river park, in which Villa Smeralda is located, is a naturalistic area of ​​great interest and is located about 5 minutes south of Olbia. It lies around the homonymous river and covers an area of ​​about 33 hectares, arriving with its magnificent mouth to the sea. It is an ideal area for those who want to spend a holiday surrounded by nature and for those who want to learn about the flora and fauna typical of the Gallura area.
The mouth of the Padrongianus offers extraordinary colors and designs, its branches create water features that become a perfect habitat for many species of birds, some of which are protected. When visiting the park you can easily encounter the pink flamingo or the mallard , while if you're lucky, you can also admire a kingfisher digging its nest in the vertical banks of the river. For its bright colors between blue and green, this bird has become the mascot of the Park.

From the point of view of the vegetation you can admire the suggestive gallery forests , very rare in our country because of human activity and that represent a particular biological corridor: the tunnel forest facilitates the crossing of the river to the different species, both through 'interweaving of the foliage of trees and both thanks to the tree trunks. It also maintains a more temperate microclimate on the surface of the river.


Just 15 minutes from Villa Smeralda you can reach the most famous Porto Rotondo : with its exclusive clubs in which to live social life and with its fabulous beaches is one of the most "In" locations of Gallura.
Especially in the summer, it is easy to meet the Italian and international jet set who choose it as a summer residence, thanks to the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, one of the most important on a national level.
Porto Rotondo is also famous for its nightlife : walks along the marina and the pedestrian area, after a dinner based on fish in one of the many typical restaurants offer romantic moments to its visitors. If you prefer the nightlife, disco bar and club you will be spoiled for choice.


Olbia, located in an inlet in the Gallura territory, offers the opportunity to visit an extraordinary area to spend wonderful holidays under the sun, sea and water sports: the Lido del Sole beach. a few meters from Villa Smeralda, this jewel is also known by the name of Gavrile: the coarse sand and the emerald green sea, sometimes blue, the Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds it as in an embrace make this beach one of the most suggestive of Olbia. And it is easily reachable from both the Olbia airport and the port.


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